Poll – Do you like the Xbox rebranding for Windows Phone?

We’ve known for a couple of weeks now that Microsoft was evidently rebranding their Xbox games for the Windows Phone OS by dropping “LIVE” and adding a green banner to the top of the cover art. Today we reported that Microsoft was even doing this for older games too.

Interestingly, Microsoft has not announced this publicly yet, making the strategy not very clear. We’ll just assume it is part of the plan to excise “LIVE” from just about everything (and we’re real curious about the Xbox 360).

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So simple question: Do you like the new look?

The green banner pops more but you also lose some cover-art space and we’re still not sure what to call it…Xbox on Windows Phone? Xbox for Windows Phone?

Sound off in comments. Voting closes in 3-days and you can vote on your phone by going to m.wpcentral.com.



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DavidinCT says:

Not sure. As when I look at PC games, I have to look for "live" as I know I will get achievement points on it. I know they wont do that on PC games.
So it's just normal for me to think Live=Xbox Achivements
Maybe i am strange about this.... how ever I guess...

mjrtoo says:

Sure, XBOX is gaming and why not brand all games XBOX.

kenzibit says:

I think it's Ok.

jcagga says:

Its not metro enough so no.

BK-one says:

I like it. CHANGE-Its a guarantee in life..and change gets the media talking and that = awareness. anyone ever read "controversy creates cash" ?

KeegdnaB42 says:

The green really makes it stand out more and brings it in line to what they've done with console downloads (orange for arcade, purple for kinect, etc). I like it

CronGM says:

For me the green actually gets lost in a lot of tiles. The white one at least had a border on the bottom, separating it from the background image.

ZX9 says:

There is a border line, it's just thinner.

KooKiz says:

Never liked the lack of distinction between 'original' xbox live and Windows Phone's xbox live. Now it's fixed, I can get some sleep.

CJ Thunder says:

It is pointless unless other apps follow suit. Such as Word or Powerpoint saying Office...though I can't split those up on my list anyway.....
Ugh, I like it...

kullkid92x says:

i think its great, and Daniel we are probably better off saying xbox FOR windows phone

Chummsy says:

I don't really like the look but hopefully the name means that most of the new games will be somewhat, for lack of a better word, cross-platform.

Gemini Ace says:

I think it probably has to do with when people see your activity online. With it saying Xbox Live it wasn't clear that you're gaming on your phone.  Now with this banner it is clear.  It could make people without WP realize they have people on their friends list playing.

Which is why I think this was a good move

I get what they're trying to do, all media/entertainment is being branded with the Xbox moniker, but there is a lack of flow. Xbox Windows, Xbox Windows Phone... Shouldn't Arcade titles found on the 360 be Xbox Xbox?

Xbox arcade more than likely

GMJeff says:

The "Live" name was created as a means of telling users that the game was for Xbox online multiplayer. It has grown into such a all-encompassing term for Xbox that they should differentiate their platforms. Next will be Xbox tablet and Xbox PC.

Laura Knotek says:

I really don't care, since I don't own an Xbox and only play games on my phone.

Miistercoool says:

What are you waiting for? Get an Xbox!! :P

olivermills6 says:

I really don't like it, which is weird because I love the metro look. I think it's the colour that annoys me, actually. Change it back to the lime green we love and I'll be happy!

monigal2 says:

Its ok, no big deal..

YamaYamaYama says:

I love Xbox. I love Xbox Phone!



Fine with me! Change is good.

inteller says:

it is weird though, Crimson Dragon has a green banner when you download it, but reverts to the old banner on your phone....is the banner stamped by the phone?

EmolaT says:

If that is the case, why on earth did you comment?

Exactly,keyboard diarrhea is a serious problem here in the first world.

ggonzalez777 says:

I personally don't like it because it gives a sense that you won't be able to play this on a windows 8 slate or computer. It defeats the whole "3 screens" mentality. It should've just been called Xbox, that way it only represents games on an Windows platform.

CJ Thunder says:

Well one game sold doesn't mean you can play it on everything you own, yet. Though I see your point, should be Xbox Arcade. KISS.

ggonzalez777 says:

Doesn't it follow the live account?

PhilR8 says:

Once I see it on a higher-res screen, I'll make a final decision.  Right now it's meh.

jaethos says:

I think it's kind of dumb, but oh well.

insi says:

the green banner is pretty ugly :-(

Take a look in the mirror

Kormiko says:

There should have been a choice for "Meh... whatever."

EmolaT says:

I like it. I love that MS is rebranding/rebadging "everything" I think it must be very exciting to work at Redmond theese days. How people react to changes are individual, personally i tune in to excitement :-)
"It's happening, make your peace with it" - Brian

mans550 says:

Its fine... Text is a bit hard to read but XBox logo is there so its more visible branding

iSeeiSheep says:

XBOX has a name that supports any damn thing. Leave it called XBOX 360 forever and let XBOX branding alone.

I can live fine without the word LIVE.

man1up says:

If it's simple enough to advertise then it works. Simplicity to sell new smartphone owners is needed, especially in branding. Perhaps we will see this in action with ads with WP8 this fall.

bono5112 says:

What difference does it make...really

Gorki247 says:

It works and is consistent with the way they're labeling the non-retail games on the console - Xbox Arcade; Xbox Indie; Xbox Kinect, as well as their media services Xbox Music and Xbox Video.
I suspect they will keep Xbox Live though for the retail games, as it is just too much of a recognised and succesful brand.

greg2k says:

I hope they've enforced a policy for the live tiles to not display the name of the game in text if the tile itself already has the name of the game. On too many occasions you see white text over a really busy background when there's no requirement to "caption" the tile

wpguy says:

I fine with with either the old or the new branding.

As part of the new branding, I would love to see in WP 7.8/8 the option to list all games in a single list with the alphabet jump, instead of the two-list layout we have now.

Banstyle says:

The Live logo was always a bit too 90's for me.

kayb27 says:

I think it's fine. Get rid of the LIVE branding I say. The funny thing is I noticed this days ago when I downloaded Roll on the Floor, but didn't think much of it. Now I went into my Games hub and it says Xbox LIVE. Not sure if I'm seeing things or it switched on me.

kayb27 says:

Sorry, Roll In The Hole game

ceedog99 says:

Yup, I noticed it when i picked up Roll in the Hole the day it went on sale (last week?), and I'm pretty sure Shoot1UP also had that branding even before then. But with all these rebranded games, they only show up that way in the Marketplace/Store, once installed the tile shows the older Xbox Live branding.

ceedog99 says:

I like the consistency since the Windows 8 PC games (Mahjong, Minesweeper and Solitaire) were branded similarly as Xbox Windows, but it just looks too cluttered to have the full Windows Phone name... Maybe Xbox Phone, or Xbox WP or WinPho would look a bit tidier.

favipx2@ says:

Don't care. Whatever

Nakazul says:

Seems good to me. I play Ilo & Milo and the Fusion games so its nice to be able to easy seperate them.

They got rid of the "Live" because it was anything but what "Live" means in terms of XBox. I don't care what they call it as long as they get their crap in gear and give us more games and more quality games.

ejlee072006 says:


Brag? Its a phone. I just want exclusives so I don't have to always be looking else where because I can get the same I already am AND MORE. Brag though? Did you program the games or something?

xmarklive says:

they should leave the live moniker for multiplayer games ...........if thats the case im all for it.

larspassic says:

I think the poll results should say something along the lines of "Yes, I like this, it is less confusing now."

judas2100 says:

No.....and just to be sure no i dont like a single thing about windows phone

sholokov says:

Good for you. Follow iSheep or Mandroids.

Then why are you here? Dumbdoof

sholokov says:

NO. I liked it when they were called "Xbox Live" games.

jyerby says:

I don't like it. Xbox is the thing connected to my tv. Not all gaming applications must be called Xbox. However I do get it as it is Microsoft's most consumer-liked brand. But it all seems like nonsense words out together. Reminds me of one time I said to my Kinect "Xbox, Bing Zune" then I realized that someone at Microsoft actually made the combination of three marketing nonsense words a real command!

ebradley says:

Just the name Xbox carries weight with a lot of gamers.

Cellus13 says:

Sure. It's something new and a change. I like it.

argobeat says:

I like how they're finally choosing a similar banner for each branch of the Xbox experience. Orange for Arcade, Purple for Arcade Kinect, Green for Windows Phone. Now if only they would go through XBLA and update the older games with the new banner. Drives me nuts that my Games Library is a mess of branding.

eastdockeryf says:

Wish there was an option for don't give a frack... that being said I'll add something to the conversation.  I saw this a few days ago too and the first thing that came to my mind was: "Does it have achievements?" If it's just a rebranding I don't care, it should work the same or better.  I get up in arms when Microsoft rebrands and removes features. *Pours out liquor for Mesh*

Localhorst86 says:

I like the idea but I do not like how the writing is hardly readable on my HTC7 Mozart. The old "xbox live" heading was a lot more visible.

Murgatroyd7 says:

To be honest, I don't even remember what they looked like before. So, I guess I don't care a whole lot one way or the other. As long as it doesn't affect the quality of games, the appearance doesn't matter.

For gaming on Windows Phone it makes sense to extend the Xbox brand.  For media and other services, not so much.
Although the Xbox name has cachet with a segment of consumers---young males of a certain age range---the downside is it may turn off older potential customers, and women, from Windows Phone.