Microsoft looking to hire for opening of Holiday stores in NYC and elsewhere in US

MS Store

Microsoft is set to unveil a number of holiday retail stores including Manhattan in New York City, according to a handful of published job listings. We previously looked at a number of potential locations for Microsoft stores in an unofficial list, but it's good to see evidence of actual positions at future stores open up.

The positions available at the these "Holiday Stores" -- as they're referred to in the job titles -- are retail product advisors, who would be tasked with completing the user experience when potentially purchasing Microsoft products. Here's an excerpt from the job posting:

"If you love to share your excitement, engage with people, and empower them to explore all the ways Microsoft technology can make a difference in their lives, we should get to know one another. The Product Advisor will be the primary provider of product knowledge and sales support, before and after the sale, for Microsoft retail customers. This person is one of the first points of contact for our customers."

Here is the full list of "holiday stores", according to the Taleo website:

We could only be seeing the bricks and mortar from Microsoft at certain places for a limited time, but if they're a hit there's no reason why Microsoft couldn't keep a permanent store open in busy locations. With Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 just around the corner, it makes sense for Microsoft to expand their stores, even if they're just temporary to see the year out.

Check out the Taleo website for more information.  Will you be applying, or are you too excited as a consumer?

Thanks, Travis, for the tips!



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hardcoreplur says:

If I didn't have an awesome job now, I would be there (FYI I used to work at the Apple store) =D

Still nothing for Michigan.....

WPSteve says:

NYC finally! :D I'll apply for the heck of it, I already have a job but this could be a fun side-job. How do I apply?

eshy says:

unfortunatly this sound like a temp store (like the NFL shop during the draft or those halloween custome stores). Not sure why they don't want a Microsoft store in NYC. I know it's considered Apple territory but that didn't stop them in the sillicon valley (where they have two stores right next to Apple stores)

Why apply if you already have a job? Don't steal someone else's

WPSteve says:

It's Part-Time. No one is going to live off of PT wages.

erichon99 says:

cool to see San Antonio listed. I have a really good feeling it will occupy the former Sony store in La Cantera.  I'll probably stop by after it opens to see if there are any weekend part-time positions available just to geek out.

Duffau says:

That makes sense, but I hate the location of the Sony store and its pretty small. San Antonio needs a nice, permanent store.

Dallas needs a Microsoft store

Finchee says:

+1. I agree, Dallas needs one too!

SteveyAyo#WP says:

You forgot Cincinnati, OH at the Kenwood Town Center... although it might be opening much sooner.
Theyve already completed the hiring process

inteller says:

meh....holiday pop up stores...only interested in a permanent store.

mrolympia74 says:

I don't understand how these are pop up stores

MediaCastleX says:

They can rent a high-priced location for as long as the money is hot, then once that dies down they vacate the premises...unless they can afford to stay.

mrolympia74 says:

I think the Manhattan store will generate alot of foot traffic with Surface and WP8

JamesDax3 says:

Would love a store in Philadelphia but they are opening one in Newark, DE so I guess that's close enough.

mrolympia74 says:

So let me get this straight. These stores are only temporary brick and mortar stores?

Nataku4ca says:

wait, Vancouver? YESSSS!!

jes1888 says:

They posted the same here in Puerto Rico a few months and I applied, nothing :(

MediaCastleX says:

Holidays haven't come around yet, don't lose hope... =)

blessthejon says:

Omg, San Antonio is on the list!!

blessthejon says:

Damn, I need 2 years of experience. :(

I'm excited about the Cleveland store, since it's actually one I could visit. Hopefully it will be a permanent location.

iggypop120 says:

I guess la won't be a holiday store

Miistercoool says:

Yes finally NYC, let's hope it's not only during holiday season!

MediaCastleX says:

Two spots opening up not 30 minutes out this month...the city is a LOT harder to pull off. =/

kittshelby says:

VANCOUVER, BC??? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!  Now I can try out the Surface before I buy it.
Surprised Vancouver is the only Canadian store.

alacan4 says:

Awesome!!! About time we get one in Miami.

Woot downtown Chicago, I'll apply since I need a job.

EDIT: none of the links work

Portland Oregon...... sweetness.

Marco300 says:

Remember that just cause it Sais "Pop Up/Holiday Store" doesn't necessarily means it's there for only 3 months or so. Pop Up Store Can last for 1 Year or even more, plus, if Sales go well prob they could easily estend the contract!...still waiting for a London UK Store ;)

Cleveland, huh? due to their track record of going into malls with apple stores, I suspect it's gonna be on the west side, which is a bit too much of a drive for me to apply for a position. Oh well, I'll have to visit it, regardless.

ejlee072006 says:

What about orange county??
Im definitely applying

Duffau says:

Definitely some excitement for San Antonio, hope it turns into a permanent store.

greg2k says:

Yeah so Microsoft should pay attention to other parts of the world. Europe is a huge market and places such as London, Berlin & Paris should have a Microsoft Store by now

larrynj says:

I was going to apply for part time in Newark De. It won't accept it without a resume. :(