Lumia 1520

AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520: $199 on contract, $549 off; ships November 15th

Update: The listing has since been pulled from the Microsoft Store website, but you can see a screenshot below. 

Good news tonight for those waiting on the Nokia Lumia 1520, the massive 6-inch Windows Phone with a 1080P display and 2.2 GHz Quad-core CPU, as  a release date and pricing have finally been revealed for AT&T.

While AT&T has had their pre-order page up since the announcement on October 22nd, pricing and availability were not known. Now, it looks like the Microsoft Store online has leaked the details via their just launched pre-order page.

The phone, if pre-ordered, has a release date set for Friday, November 15th. Asking price is $199 on a two-year contract and a nicely priced $549 off contract. The color options will of course be in yellow, red, white and black.

The downside to the AT&T Lumia 1520 we already revealed last week: no built in Qi-wireless charging and only 16 GB of internal storage. While the latter option was probably meant to keep the price down, the former change was due to AT&T’s support of the alternative PMA wireless standard. Those buying the Lumia 1520 can optionally buy a wireless charging back plate, but the feature won’t be built into the device, unlike the international version.

Other features of the Lumia 1520 include 2 GB of RAM, expandable storage via microSD and a 20 MP PureView camera with improved optical image stabilization (OIS).

With only nine days until release, it shouldn’t be too long before we have this colossal Windows Phone in our hands. The only question left is, who’s getting one?

Source: Microsoft Store; Thanks, xscess, for the tip!



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snavex says:


rodneyej says:

Interesting how att&t took the most perfect smartphone ever made, in my opinion, and striped it of two of its best qualities.. I wonder if other versions of the 1520 will work on at&t..

txDrum says:

Its not perfect. Add a stylus and it would have been perfect. YMMV of course, but I would love a stylus on a big phone.

No Qi sucks, but 16GB is only kind of bad since we get microsd. I have to say it could have been a tad lighter too.

adrian1338 says:

Yeah it is just kind of bad due to micro sd card - at least you can install all apps no the micro sd card now, right?

ssapre says:

Sbono13.. PM sent to you..

bono5112 says:

You can't install apps to the SD card, only music and pictures I believe.

SleepyTheDon says:

Only Music & pictures go on the SD card which I hope is fixed by 8.1

cdesportnut says:

And don't forget that you can store videos/movies on the sd card as well.



bono5112 says:

That's true, and that should make a difference with Xbox video supposedly coming to Windows Phone

Carchathoth says:

This device has something better. Super sensitive display. You can use this cutie with a stick, gloves or even your favorite pen. No stylus needed.

Wireless charging is one and the second one is...?
I'm not disagreeing with you BTW

rodneyej says:

Oh, the second is 32gb of onboard storage.. I know it has expandable storage, but that's like Ford saying "yeah, but you can supercharge it"... I what my V8 option from the factory.. Rodney wants it all people❕❗❕❗❗

Huime says:

actually the "rest of the world" had always been hard to understand why you guys burning a V8 and still gas price is such a big fuss in the country.

michail71 says:

I'm a fan a small turbo charged cars. But I want my huge phone.

willied says:

But the sound of a good's music to my ears.

rodneyej says:

The 2014 Corvette Stingray has a 6.2 liter, 455 hp 460 lbft of torque V8, and can achieve 29mpg hywy.. I love small turbo charged cars, and I want a Scion FRS, but a 300hp I4 vs a 300hp V8 is a huge difference.. Max power comes faster, and at a much lower RPM with the V8, and top power is available across more bands with the V8.. This is why a 1992 5.0 Mustang V8, with only 220hp, pulls harder than todays high tech 300 plus hp I4s.. For the record, I drive a Mercedes Supercharged high tech 2.3L I4,, so I'm not biased...

LMAO "Rodney wants it all people" well so does Darrell people!! Lol

rodneyej says:

Lol❕ Yeah, and that red Viper to..

JerqFase says:

I'm quoting you forever now.

"Rodney wants it all people!"

Gratz on making it into my vocabulary.

Arsenic17 says:

Yes I want to know if it will support att lte bands and calling? Anyone know. I would buy international to get decent storage and wireless charge

silverbladex says:

I completely agree with you and I also thought about buying it elsewhere and taking to att. Att is crazed with power.

Yangstax says:

The L1520 international version and the Verizon L929 should do better than the L1520 AT&T version.  AT&T removes the inbuilt Qi and offers only 16GB has killed all the excitement.  This is self-imposed the limitations and they have nobody to blame.  For the US customers, L929 is definitely the better choice.

fpostrow says:

Yea, that totally sucks. Not going back from 32GB built in EVER. Having said that I would not be opposed to a 64GB device with microsd expandability. Also wireless charging is a must. Sorry ATT you blew this one and you didn't have to.

skandas says:

Would I be able to buy an unlocked version of the phone from a Microsoft store?

PeadarWagon says:

Seems appropriate, however I'm not getting it now because of the removed specs

Aaron M says:

I agree. It looks att is subsidizing the cost as I hoped. I don't mind the 16Gb of space but its too bad they stripped the wireless charging. Still though, if I was getting the 1520 I would prefer ATTs $550 price to what will probably be $700 for the international version.

GSOgymrat says:

I am pleasantly surprised by the price and will replace my broken Lumia 920 off-contract for $549. I can accept 16 GB since I don't use a lot of apps and can save to a memory card. On my 920 I am currently using 15 GB total with only 3.4 GB taken by apps. I am disappointed I will need a shell to have Qi-wireless charging, since this thing is big enough as it is, but at least it still is capable of wireless charging. I need to decide between white or yellow and I definitely will need to by a bigger case to carry this monster.

XboxOmac says:

Can I get the international version and use it on AT&T?

Jeff Kibuule says:

Sure you can, you just get no LTE.

milkybuet says:

You can use of course. But make sure to check the frequencies, specially for LTE. I use a BUILD 920 on AT&T. Everything works perfectly, except it maxes out at HSPA+.

sbono13 says:

I brought an unlocked Lumia 521 from TMobile to AT&T and nearly everything worked except 1) Visual Voicemail, 2) Internet sharing (wifi hotspot), and TMobile's exclusive wifi calling. I'm not sure if the AT&T account needs to be configured a certain way to support the first 2 Windows Phone features, but no one was able to help me.

rodneyej says:

That's what I'm wondering.. I'm really pissed at att for tampering with the best cellular device ever made in the history of the universe.. WTF is wrong with those trolls❔ They must work for Cnet.. Punks❕

Jas00555 says:

Yes you can, it has to be RM-938 (AT&T is RM-940)

JD_Morecraft says:

Thought the RM-938 was for T-MOBILE not global.  I really dont know anymore, there is too many different versions of the phone flying around,

Jeff Kibuule says:

RM-938 is Latin America.

CSJr1 says:

All signs point to the international version doesn't have AWS(cant talk and surf at the same time)

ravi.tandon says:

I am gonna ditch att if they don't bring a super version out before my contract expires, I was going to jump for 1520 but they have screwed over qi, my most desirable feature.

wpguy says:

Past AT&T behavior indicates you'll be ditching or staying and suffering.

Aaron M says:

Isn't the international version about $700? The reduced ATT specs suck but I don't think they alone are worth an extra $150 plus compatibility issues.

Exactly. AT&T f'd it up with no Qi

Westoncreg says:

I love that price tag being its so feature stricken :D

MikeSo says:

Yeah they seem to have done this just to keep the price down. Considering the 16GB version of phones seem to be the sweet spot for other phones, and Qi charging is still mostly an esoteric extra for most people, it's probably not a bad idea from a sales perspective. But it's very disappointing that they don't at least provide the full version of this phone as an option for those who want it.

rodneyej says:

⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆That is Exactly right⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

THE_Lawnboy says:

I wanted one. But with 16GB? No thanks - I'll wait.

karelj says:

MicroSD though...those cards always go on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

techiez says:

Microsd is of no use if u wish to install a lots of games n apps.

Aaron M says:

To each their own, but I think including microsd and reducing the storage for a reduces price is great. Most of my space is taken up by maps and media which can be stored on the sd card. Apps on average use very little space. You will have to juggle which 1GB+ games you keep installed, but I think its worth the reduces price.

Yeah, but you can't install apps to SD.  Only content like music and photos.

Jazmac says:

I thought I heard Daniel say "32 gig built in" at the 1.15 mark.  Your heard him say 16?

sasukeluffy says:

International has 32gb, AT&T has 16gb.

sri_tech says:

Well, this phone's price will be much higher than $549 internationally.

scdkad says:

Elop said $749 at Nokia World

Jeff Kibuule says:

International is 32GB, AT&T version is 16GB. It's one reason why this phone is only $199 on contract instead of $299 like the Note 3.

CSJr1 says:

Trust the difference between 16GB and 32GB is way less than 100 for a consumer and even less for an OEM.

mikefeero says:

Precisely my issue. I hate Nokia's love affair with at&t. If they would split they could tear up the market. I understand being in bed with them initially but now Nokia is making a new name for itself, it could go anywhere.

wpguy says:

Unfortunately, Nokia doesn't command enough market share in the US to ignore AT&T. However, it would be interesting to see what would happen if Nokia and T-Mobile did a real push. The 521 is a good seller, despite its under the radar status. (Way under the radar.)

MikeSo says:

T-Mobile never made any effort at all to advertise the 925, sadly. Seems like they have no interest in WP.

zvery777 says:

That's why T-mobile is not getting any more high end windows phones. At my local store they didn't even have a working model of the 925, just a toy one. Too bad for T-mobile wp fans.

add Qi price
and it looks like AT&T is selling The Lumia 1520-
for a much less - maybe zero margin!
Buy it and add the charging cell and a uSD card 16 GB to reach 32 GB (or 48 or 80) 
The price is indeed sweet even after adding the extras!
Think positive!
You can buy those extras later when you can afford them!
(that all said I'm waiting for a 64 GB version)

Jazmac says:

Yet another phone I may need to pass on. At this rate, I may need to pass on AT&T.

bjax says:

Holy crap!! A date and a good off-contract price!!! Definitely getting this now!!!

Forc3 says:

549$ and 16 gigs... thats actually a good price for such specs. Oo why so cheap?

bingMe says:

I don't know why these phones are that expensive to begin with. Why is that the Nexus 7 and other tablets are cheaper with bigger screens and nearly identical internals.

Depends on how much profit a company is trying to make. The nexus line is pretty much sold at cost

So the nexus has a 20 mp camera ? Damn i didn't know that /s

absolutshame says:

Nexus 7 does not include cellular radios and LTE. Its also cheaper to manufacture due to its size. Does the Nexus 7 include a GPS radio?

DaytonaGTS says:

Waiting for international version, ATT version too stripped down for me.

Fritzly says:

Not me....Euro 650 for the real one; Global version, tax included and two years warranty.
No carriers involvement: priceless...

DJCBS says:

Let us just hope AT&T keep their paws out of Europe. Latest developments haven't been good and the last thing we need is that clearly stupid carrier messing things up in Europe. If one had to come, I'd rather it be Verizon as they always get better phones and don't mess with specs to suit their whims.

xaeryan says:

No, ATT has always been known for having the better phone selection, while Verizon is known for their better network.

ninny1176 says:

That's a tough argument with regards to WP. I was an avid fan of AT&T and now seeing that they're tearing up hardware specs to satisfy they're own agenda is bullshit. Seriously, no Qi because they don't support the agenda, but are willing to sell the very same item, that was originally part of the phone, back to you - of course with an added profit margin.


xaeryan says:

I agree that it's ridiculous what they're doing with the 1520, but that doesn't change the fact they have a better WP selection than Verizon.

devize says:

Until the 929 is released

DJCBS says:

Well, from the point of view of someone outside the US, what we see is Verizon getting specially designed phones and AT&T getting the normal versions.
Now remember that Europe is not the US. We here normally buy phones off-contract at normal stores. If AT&T comes to Europe, they'll have to operate within the European way of doing things. So they can forget the "only AT&T sells the L920" thing. So what we have would be the exclusively designed Verizon phones, versus AT&T tempered versions of phones available in other stores within the same country.
Put that together with the fact that I have yet to find a single AT&T customer that's satisfied with their services and there you have the reason for my assessment. 

xaeryan says:

If we're talking off-contract phones, why bother worrying about who gets better phones? I agree, Verizon would be the better choice for their infrastructure prowess. However, in the US, they know they have the better network, which seems to lead to higher pricing and less caring support. Threaten to leave Verizon and you'll get "good luck" in my experience. Threaten to leave ATT and they'll jump through hoops to make you stay. I've never had them say no to a reasonable request (allow an early upgrade, remove charges, $135 USD credit when phone dropped in price shortly after buying, axe activation fees, etc.).
I stay with them for this, combined with their WP exclusives, and their networks are slowly improving.

cruelvaldez says:

Are the new processors really that different in performance with the snapdragon s4? How about the 2 gigs of ram. My 8x broke and I don't notice much difference between it and my 520.

2 GB of RAM is for the camera. The S4 with Windows Phone is a nice improvement. Not groundbreaking, but  yes, apps, games and the camera are significantly faster to the point that you notice it.

spectre51 says:

Even more so since this has the Snapdragon 800 not a S4.

Forc3 says:

Erm sry daniel but I have to disagree here 2 GB Ram is no just for the camera. On my 925 I sometimes get a popup that i should close some apps in order to run a recource intensive one thats because of not much RAM available. Just sayin :P

wpguy says:

What the apps are you running on your phone when you see that message?

DJCBS says:

On WP not sure you'll notice. Perhaps the apps open one or two seconds faster. On Android you notice the difference a lot.

Awesome specs, still.... 6 inch phone is too big for me. :/

satishsivam says:

Thn wait for lumia 929 5 inch display

Too small for me...I'll wait for the rumored 8" Lumia 1820 (summer 2014)

wow, that's twice your length >:)

I kid, i kid

KickAssLumia says:

The real question is, how do you know his length?


I kid, I kid.

THE_Lawnboy says:

How long before T-Mo gets theirs? Will it be the fully loaded version?

There is no evidence that T-Mobile is getting this phone.

Crush or hopes and dreams Daniel. If I didn't have five lines with T-Mobile, I swear I would switch to the dark side.

I am flabbergasted. Sorry to use such profanity! But I want something with alreast 5" and this is gorgeous

Clavitox says:

I really hope T-Mobile gets this too. I have the 521, but really want a high end phone

wpguy says:

It wouldn't sell much on TMo anyway. They've been selling the 925 since July 17, and only recently have any TV ads appeared, and in all that time not a single WP/Lumia poster in the windows. Plenty for iDroids though.

rhamblet says:

im just happy that we have confirmation a yellow edition will be coming to AT&T, no yellow model on AT&Ts website.

tbonenga says:

Does anybody know if Rogers is getting this phone? I'm on Tmo and I need a 32GB with a SD slot.

You thinking what I'm thinking Pinky?...

Agreed. Never done this before but I wud for the sake of getting this device.

Did it for the 1st time for the ATIV S, so now I'm thinking of upgrading using the same method. Wonder if I'll even get $300 for my old phone. Decisions Decisions.

Anyone know the max SD card size supported and if music and apps can be installed on it??

Ticomfreak says:

Apps can not be stored on the SD, but pretty much everything else can.

wps81 says:

pretty much everything means music and photos / videos only, excluding those in-app downloaded music and photos because no app can write to SD card

64 GB for sure - possibly also a 128 GB micro-SD card
Be aware though! There are two kinds of 128 GB uSD cards: 64 GB + 64 GB and 128 GB
which one will the WP 8 support has to be tested when these are more publicly available
A) 64 only
B) 64x2
C) 128
D) both 64x2 and 128

Adretheon says:

Was not expecting this to be a 200$ phone. Hmmm

toddos says:

It's not a $200 phone.  It's a $550 phone.

He means he was expecting the subsidized price to be different. We all know how the pricing model works, captain obvious.

nbolmer says:

You're a complete moron

edjr07 says:

I want this and 2520 I'll wait for a bundle deal.

wps81 says:

are you sure you will get that bundle in your life time?

JG333 says:

Will wait on the international version but still wanting for at least 32GB internal storage despite expandable storage.

techjmw says:

Waiting for a 5" that will fit on my bike mount, think this might be just a bit too large. Bummer about removing features like wireless charging, that is my favorite part of my 920. If the 920 had the new small tiles I wouldn't even care, but that is a really nice feature I would love to have.

raycpl says:

+920... 5in would be the upper limit that is ,comfortable in my hands.... No wireless is a bummer for sure.

KickAssLumia says:

I agree, the Verison 929 is perfect minus the network. I wish it would come to ATT.

Jazmac says:

It looks great but I'm waiting until I we get the review unit in.

Jazmac says:

It looks great but I'll wait until we get the review unit in to know if this is the next phone I get.

Jeff Kibuule says:

What are the chances that the Rogers version comes with 32GB and has Qi wireless charging? I'd rather pay extra for that one.

adrian1338 says:

Well why whould someone be as stupid as ATT and reduce features of a device they want to sell

Lundon44 says:

Also hoping for this.
Worst case scenario: Rogers waits to release the 1520 in 2014. It comes with 16GB and no wireless charging and only comes in black.

GrapeEyes says:

Hong Kong will get the full version on the 15th

spectre51 says:

Man I don't know what it is that is pulling me towards this device. Anyone think it would be crazy to trade a 1020 for the 1520? I already have a phablet in the Xperia Z Ultra but the 1520 just pulls me in.

weisman87 says:

If you're considering getting rid of a 1020 let me know.

DJCBS says:

Yes it would be. Specially if you already have an Z Ultra. You'd be downgrading the camera just to get higher specs you already have on the Xperia. You wouldn't get anything new on this that the Xperia doesn't offer and you'd deprive yourself of the amazing 1020 camera.

spectre51 says:

True. The only thing that kills me with the Z Ultra is I have to have another device with a good camera or a separate camera because it sucks at taking pics. Love the size of it which is probably why I like the 1520 so much. Great size and specs with a killer camera.

DJCBS says:

Yeah. Though come on...don't be one of those taking pictures with your phablet/'ll end up in the next MS commercial lol
Did you buy the Z Ultra recently? If so, did you though the Z1 too small or you just really wanted the biggest phone?

spectre51 says:

Actually I didn't buy the ZU. I have a friend at Sony that gets me devices occasionally and I provide feedback on them and the software. I did want the ZU though. Great device, other than the camera. That's my only complaint.

Sell them both and get the Lumia 1520
It has half the camera of the L1020, but also the RAW - now! Don't have to wait.
The 4-core 2.2 GHz SnapDragon 800 is much faster in 16/18 Mpx processing + pic-to-pic
The huge battery compensates the display which has 3 columns of live tiles & Full HD
Qi build-in, BT LE, the uSD slot for even more Flash memory, Nokia Beamer for FHDTV, etc
It's really sweet!
Glossy RED for me!

Verkunder says:

I was considering doing this myself. I take pictures only so often, so the 20MP would be plenty for me. Problem is, no wireless charging and puny storage. I'd need to go international, ugh.

devize says:

more storage than a 1020 if you grab a 64 sdcard...

lwalkerboy says:

Glad to see Nokia put an expandable microSD on this phone hope the Verizon 929 has one

satishsivam says:

929 32gig no sd verizon

kullkid92x says:

Yeah man I believe all info thus far is pushing towards a 32GB internal storage for the Verizon 929 and no SD card -_-

bono5112 says:

No SD but said to have 32 and 64 GB models

Kadcidxa says:

Amazing price off contract.

erzhik says:

Good price but I will be going with international version.

Everything to me about this phone is just perfect except not having a 41MP camera, I am talking about the international version by the way. Maybe they'll announce another phone with the same specs but with a 41MP camera around the time that Windows Phone 8.1 is announced???

erzhik says:

They will release a 41mp phone or most likely better, but only after 1020 turns 1 year old. Until then, don't get your hopes up. That's what Nokia's history taught us.

Lumia Black in 2014 Jan?
Q2 the Windows Phone 8 (Apr?)
Then after the summer GDR you may get a Lumia 1025 which has 5"/FHD/SD800 same size
or better yet: wait until 2015 when WP 9 is released (together with Windows 9)
It's supposed to be RT+Phone combination - totally compatible with Modern UI 2.0
4GB RAM, Latest SnapDragon, 128 GB Flash, uSD, new 4x4 = 16 camera-array
or wait for Windows 10, which runs directly on the phones and the lite version on watches
or wait for Windows 1
or wait

guillams says:

^Lol yeah dude! Just wait!

No 5 inch model? No Qi? Only 32GB?

erzhik says:

That's why you have Verizon.

Which is why I wished I was on there. It has better support, better coverage, and better phones. But I'm stuck with AT&T, and on a business plan, so can't leave.

Lumia 1520 with Qi and 32GB
1) Buy AT&T Lumia 1520 (using savings, sell you previous phone to buy the rest)
2) Black Friday: buy 16 GB micro-SD => 32 GB (you can buy +32=48 or +64=80)
3) Christmas deals: Qi cover (now you have sold your previous phone ans have CA$H)
Lumia 1520 with 32 GB and Qi
and still cheaper than the international model!
I think that AT&T is selling the phone with a very slim margin

cckgz4 says:

I can do $549

lovenokia says:

Small business line cannot preorder on the microsoft website... Argh!


Excited that there is a yellow option confirmed now!

Murani Lewis says:

$549 off contract is a nice price. Now i'm thinking hard on whether or not to get both the 1520 and 2520 to go with my 1020. The expandable storage option for the 1520 is a nice bonus especially considering otherwise i'd be looking at $299 on contract. Keep in mind the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is still $299

Luminatic says:

Jeez, I wish I could get high end phones for such a good price in Europe! I'm jealous!

DJCBS says:

You can in Germany. Just wait a month or two after the release and the original prices have already come down (you can get the 1020 for 600€ already)

cybermoose89 says:

Wonder when its shipping for the uk


Wow I'll take the trade offs at that price. Only thing I would need to check is the frequencies.

regi7 says:

I'll be getting one.  I'm excited about it!

Hopefully they'll have this in Australia before Christmas then?

CSJr1 says:

Really would like to get it, but my app storage is 14GB. If they offered a 32GB model for 249, I would jump on it. But it looks like I will just fix my cracked screen on my 920 and wait it out.

Does anyone else notice the 1520 on the Microsoft store site doesn't have that added dots like the AT&T version? You think this is Microsoft's error, or they finally agreed to add Qi? I'm sure it is a Microsoft error, as it doesn't have the att branding on it, but I REALLY hope I'm wrong.

PapiHenry says:

I'm on the exact same broken boat as you CSJ. My 920 cracked, can't decide whether to but the 1520 or fix the 920.

I hope this shows up on the At&t black Friday sale! Either way $199 is sweet!

henilp89 says:

only if screen was a little smaller.. 5inches maybe.. this is a huge phone.. i wouldnt want to carry around a phone that big plus WP8 has no extra features like note 3 does? we are supposed to put more tiles? looks ugly then.. only if it was 5 inch man or smaller.. really wanted this phone but ill pass! 

L0gic Bom8 says:

I agree that 6 inches is overkill!

I agree, it would be great if it had snap and you could use two apps at once.

cybermoose89 says:

So off contract that's £343 that is way cheap but for the uk there saying its going to be double that >

andrewb65 says:

It's bound to be more expensive than the 925 in the UK. Hovering somewhere around the 1020 price, I guess? Those US prices are carrier-locked, so PAYG rather than sim-free, but all the same - amazingly cheap. At least we can be happy knowing that them Amerkins are being boned from behind all day long on their call/text/data plan charges. Over a couple of years, phones like this often ending up costing them upwards from $1800 in total.

cybermoose89 says:

IM wanting it sim free probably going to be £600-£650 max then if its the same price tag as the 1020 when that was released can get a 1020 for cheap as £430 now that's not bad

cybermoose89 says:

According to rumor

Well I might just have to scoop this since I cracked my beautiful cyan 920 on my bday last week. Like the price though, was gonna get the ativ neo s friday

L0gic Bom8 says:

Nokia's build quality was what brought me back to them!

infosage says:

AT&T crippled the phone, so its a complete waste of money.

Just buy a 1320 for less money, or better yet, move to Verizon and get Lumia 929.  Because of AT&T, in the USA at least, the 929 is way better than the 1520*.

I'm beginning to think that AT&T must give out bonuses for employees to come up with ways to disappoint their customers.  I can't think of any other reason to sign an exclusive on a phone, then cripple it down to a second tier device.

pookiewood says:

I'd consider that 929 but having been with Sprint and CDMA for over 10 years and switching to AT&T I'm digging this GSM SIM card thing. Just wait for the international version to drop price.

nbolmer says:

Sticking with mu 920 until att stops gimping phones

So how come without built-in wireless charging, it still weight more than 200 g??. And it would be nice if they take out wireless but increase the battery up to 4000mah

robdmau says:

So many people complaining about wireless charging... You would really not buy a phone because you cannot charge it wirelessly? Get the QI cover if its that important lol...

ninnghizzida says:

It is not about the wireless charging exactly, it is about AT&T messing with the specs that were announced.

ninnghizzida says:

We should speak with out wallets. Not buying it to teach AT&T not to mess with future releases.

infosage says:

Nokia and Windows Phone is really doing great just about everywhere in the world. Oh yea, except in the part AT&T covers. That's not a coincidence.

neelagopi says:

As expected... and not disappointed :)

During Thanksgiving it will be sold for even less... $99 or less... so I am getting it :)


Wireless charging is sort of convenience and not a requirement (some agree and some dont)... so I am okay with it being removed... 16GB sufficient for me... and can always buy a microSD if required


For once AT&T did a good thing... but I wish a variant of 929 was ther




L0gic Bom8 says:

I agree with all points you said. I like wireless charging, but it's not a deal breaker for me. I preferred wired charging while playing Crimson Dragon, Mass Effect, or The Sims. Makes it easier. Look for my post somewhere below for my POV

Alpo714 says:

Does anyone know where you can buy an unlocked or international version of the 1520?

lippidp says:

Who are those 9 people that have reviewed it already on the MS site???  How does *that* work exactly?

Would if it were on T-Mobile.

albertico says:

The Verizon variant sure puts the 1520 to shame, I'm so dissapointed... :(

hellodav7 says:

NO DEAL att!!!
No built in wireless charging, little memory?
NO DEAL!!!!!!
Att, a preferred carrier, don't make me laugh!!!!

Alpo714 says:

Reading the WPCentral forums it appears that the Lumia 1520 variant which can work on T-Mobile would be the RM-938, which has built in wireless charging and 32 GB of built in storage. Im definitely going to hunt for a 32 GB Lumia 1520 with wireless charging! :)

AzlanAU says:

I need the release date for Australia dammit!!! Please be before Mid January!

ilabene says:

*whistle* $199 on contract. I'll just have to wait for a price drop then, though I'm pretty sure it'll be a while before a phone like this gets a price drop. Hopefully it won't be too long and when/if it does happen, my contract will be eligible for an upgrade anyway.

LeiChat says:

I hope the (relatively) low off contract price is mirrored in the UK.

Duduosf says:

The international version is quite intriguing. If I ever feel the need for a bigger screen, I'd definitely go for it. As for now, my 925 is everything I need.

L0gic Bom8 says:

Hope it does well for you!